Advanced Manufacturing Jobs Offer Women a World of Opportunity

If you’re a woman looking for an exciting STEM career, advanced manufacturing might be a good fit for you. Gone are the manufacturing low-paying, dirty, dark, dangerous and dead-end or monotonous manufacturing jobs of the past.  Today’s careers in advanced manufacturing provide opportunities for challenging assignments. They are interesting, rewarding, creative and inspiring.  Much of advanced manufacturing today is high-tech and computerized; it’s the convergence of technology and production allowing women to excel and earn six-figure paying jobs.  It’s an exciting time to be a woman in advanced manufacturing.

Jobs in manufacturing today offer women the following:

  • Lots of opportunities
  • Reentry into the workplace after being a homemaker or caregiver
  • Vocational rehabilitation through apprentice programs
  • An interesting and rewarding career
  • A wide variety of career paths
  • Opportunity to get to know how things work
  • The chance to design and build things
  • The chance to bring the female prospective into manufacturing to provide new products and services
  • Room for growth
  • Great benefits and salary
  • Opportunity to continue your education towards an associate or bachelor’s degree but doing it while you are working and earning

If you’re a woman looking for career opportunities working in advanced manufacturing, then MechaFORCE SM  — Registered Internship Manufacturing Program (M-RIMSM ) might be for you.

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