M-RIMSM may be Your Bridge to a High-paying Career in Advanced Manufacturing

If you’re a veteran transitioning back to civilian life there’s a good chance you already have developed the very skills and values which modern manufacturers need.  These are the skills that could make you a respected employee within the advanced manufacturing community. Furthermore, veterans are recognized as possessing superior leadership qualities and work well under pressure. These abilities are invaluable to manufacturing organizations of all sizes who are looking to fill the major skills gap they are facing today.

Ask yourself if you’re interested in any of the following:

  • A High-tech, well-paying career
  • Putting your military skills to use while building a career
  • Working with state-of-the-art precision equipment
  • Earning higher than average wages for the lifetime of your career
  • Continuing your education towards a bachelor’s degree but doing so while you are working and earning

If the answer is, “YES,” to any of these questions, then M-RIMSM may be just the opportunity for you.

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