Calling the Unemployed & Underemployed STEM Career Seekers:

Sometimes your life’s plan just doesn’t work out the way you thought it would.  You might even have a 2 or 4-year college degree which has not helped to put you on a fruitful career path. Possibly you have not been able to find a well-paying job that can support you or your family.  These are real life issues especially if you have accumulated large debt along the way.

With that said, MechaFORCESM   —Registered Internship Manufacturing Program (M-RIMSM) could be just want you have been looking for.  M-RIMSM is a career and educational pathway program developed by New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) and commissioned by industry to ready those with high school degrees and particularly from the Millennial and X Generations for professional careers in NJ’s small to medium sized manufacturing firms.

M-RIMSM offers:

  • An industry-driven training program that combines work-based learning conducted on-the-job, with related technical instruction conducted in the classroom or online, using the highest industry standards.
  • Training focused on the occupational areas that are in high demand and most needed to fill the advance manufacturing skills gap.
  • A paid position as a “Registered Intern” (RI) where you will earn a salary as you learn new practical skills while working and also more formal knowledge outside working hours at an educational institution nearby to your work or home.
  • Classroom instruction that can earn college credit which in turn can lead to attaining an associates and then a bachelor’s degree down the road for those interested; and for those not so inclined, stackable, portable and nationally recognized industry-valued credentials.
  • Training support to RIs as they learn the skills and knowledge required in ever more complex modern manufacturing occupational titles with a certainty that your efforts comply with ApprenticeshipUSA regulations and which will result in national certification.

Benefits to completing this program  

  • Employment in a high-tech job
  • Working with state-of-the-art precision equipment
  • Earning higher than average wages for the lifetime of your career