NJIT’s M-RIMSM Manufacturing AGENT Program

Helps Manufactures Successfully Navigate all Aspects of the ApprenticeshipUSA Program 

Managing an advanced and precision manufacturing factory requires a substantial level of time, expertise, and experience to do a good job and avoid disasters.  Filling the growing and never ending “skills–gap” can seem equally as challenging especially when coupled with the rest of your businesses demands.  M-RIMSM has established a new service that has been made possible because the US Government has officially designated as an official third-party intermediary or Sponsor.   This service is called the M-RIMSMAGENT Program and it can help a manufacturer find talent to be hired as an Apprentice, navigate the Apprenticeship set-up process easily and effectively and thereafter help you both to retain your Apprentices and to fulfill all the requirements to become recognized by the US Government’s Office of Apprenticeships as an employer-of-record in this federal program.

M-RIMSM is a Degreed Apprenticeship Program that uses the term Registered Interns (RIs), rather than Apprentice, and which helps all interested manufacturers, particularly in New Jersey, attract and keep talent.  The M-RIMSM Agent Program seeks talent to bring to manufacturers from:

  • Graduating high school seniors from Traditional, Vocational, and Career and Technical Education (CTE) schools who may or may not have focused on this area while in school
  • Millennials, Generation X  populations and others who might have never considered manufacturing careers
  • Experienced adults looking to change careers

Starting a Degreed Apprenticeship Program through M-RIMSM is easy for manufacturers because in 2017 NJIT became the US Government’s designated official third-party intermediary or “Sponsor.”  This designation is akin to a Master Agreement with the US Government and allows NJIT to add any number of separate one-page agreements with specific manufacturers to the university’s document(Download the one page agreement here).  NJIT believes our AGENT program can be especially helpful to small- and mid-sized companies which do not (yet) operate with separate Human Resources, Training and/or IT departments.  With this designation, M-RIMSM and its AGENT Program stands out from other garden variety approaches to apprenticeships.

What is required?

All a manufacturer has to do is hire a new worker (which an M-RIMSM AGENT can help you find or you can locate yourself) or identify an incumbent worker.  The next step is for the manufacturer to sign the aforementioned one page document which indicates your agreement with the requirements of the ApprenticeshipUSA rules and once NJIT attaches this document to the university’s Master Sponsorship designation, your company is now officially considered part of this national effort.  It is as simple as this to begin.  While an employer could obtain this permission on their own to begin an apprenticeship program at their company, there is no doubt what M-RIMSM offers is a great time-saver.  Not to mention the kinds of assistance our Agents offer to implement the apprenticeship program on your premises.  That is, the M-RIMSM AGENT helps you with all the rest. This is what is meant by NJIT being the official “Sponsor” of M-RIMSM.

M-RIMSM provides companies the following Services in its role as AGENT:

  • Assist you to find new full time workers, particularly from CTE schools,  community colleges or universities and from the vetted ranks of mature job seekers.
  • Identify one or more of the hundreds of “apprenticable” jobs needed specifically at your company but which are already defined through Training Guides prepared by national manufacturers.
  • Adapt up to 20% of these Training Guides to ensure that they better reflect the skills and competencies which make your company special.
  • Work with your Registered Intern (RI) whether they are new employees or incumbent workers to guide them in finding and enrolling in outside training and education classes which are offered near to your company. Such attendance is required by ApprenticeshipUSA.
  • Help identify funding to potentially cover the tuition cost of such classes.
  • Assist in the development of a formal agreement between you and your employee that describes each of your responsibilities. For the manufacturer, this includes hiring the RI full time, providing on-the-job training and giving scheduled raises if your RI meets your benchmarks. For the RI, it involves pledging to come to work each day and learning what is taught on-the-job and through the required outside classes. (Together this learning experience can lead to your employee earning industry-valued credentials such as “Journeyperson” status in labor union situations and even Associate and/or Bachelor’s degrees which are pursued part-time.)
  • Collecting and reporting to ApprenticeshipUSA, required data on progress of the on-the-job training and outside class attendance.

What does participation cost?

M-RIMSM is pleased to offer this and other services for a fee of $500 for each RI entered into the program. The first $250 is paid when the agreement between NJIT and your company to participate in M-RIM is signed, and the remaining $250 is paid with the signing of the agreement between you and the RI.  An additional $250 will be charged on the anniversary of the signing of the second agreement until either you request that we stop support or the RI attains his/her journeyman status.

If you are interested in participating in the M-RIM program or learning more about it, click on the following link, fill out the requested information, and submit.

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One Page Agreement Form:
Interested companies need to fill out only Part A and all other parts are completed by M-RIM after discussions with the manufacturer and, as appropriate with representatives of the US Office of Apprenticeships. The form is signed by NJIT M-RIM.

Download Apprenticeship Agreement Form 1 page