Career & Technical Education (CTE), Vocational Education & Comprehensive High Schools

How do you connect your state-of-the-art academic curricula to one of New Jersey’s most in demand employment sectors – Advanced Manufacturing?

As educators and guidance counselors in high schools, M-RIMSM respects your commitment to preparing graduates for careers and all the support you provide so that your graduates can transition into successful careers.

M-RIMSM offers your technologist-seeking students the ability to expand their skills into modern manufacturing by getting a jumpstart in this career while still in school full time.  Upon graduation they can springboard forward as Registered Interns who work full-time while pursuing the dual-skill based advanced learning that is involved. That is, at graduation, for all intents and purposes, your students will find a full-time job waiting for them and they will already possess not just your high school diploma but also (1) one or more industry-valued credentials and (2) academic credits which can be applied subsequently to a 2-year academic degree; and, if desired, a 4-year bachelors.

How does this work?

Many NJ high schools are already offering modern manufacturing programs and are involved in “dual-enrollment” programs with their local community college and/or 4-year schools, but many are not.  Regarding the latter and to reinforce and build momentum in the former, M-RIMSM can help excite your students and their parents about this field and can provide your guidance counselors and teachers with information and resource materials of stimulating exercises and examples.  This occurs through M-RIMSM’s and NJIT’s association with the Manufacturing Institute’s Dream It. Do It. Program (NJDIDI) which operates in 40 states including NJ.  This program is replete with marketing materials your school can use to help grow an appreciation for this career choice and with practical guidelines that teachers can use to offer best practice and fun activities to students.   But most importantly whether your school currently has a modern manufacturing program or wants to start one, M-RIMSM can work with your school to make this happen particularly regarding the following job titles:

  • machining
  • robotics
  • digital programing
  • fabrication
  • assembling
  • mechatronics technician
  • industrial maintenance
  • manufacturing technician
  • welding
  • metalworking
  • tool making
  • CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining operations

There is a role too for high schools with evening divisions which serve adults who may be from the Millennial, Generation X and older generations.  If this case, M-RIMSM stands in readiness to provide technical assistance to your leaders regarding ways your training programs can interest adults to starting or transition to modern manufacturing careers as RIs in NJ firms.

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