Parents – Advanced Manufacturing is a Great Career Choice for Your Youth Today

The message coming from the schools and guidance counselors has been… send you child to college.  That is the path to succeed.  Well, we’re here to tell you that there are other paths to career success!

If you have a child in public, private school or who has been homeschooled and who that enjoys technology, likes to build things with his/her hands or on a computer screen, and who may not want or be ready to commit to a 2-year or 4-year college or university, then they should consider the MechaFORCE SM – Registered Internship Manufacturing Program (M-RIMSM).

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M-RIMSM  is an industry-driven training program that combines work-based learning conducted on the job with related technical instruction conducted in the classroom or online, using the highest industry standards and which affords a clear pathway to earning a college degree if desired.  It will provide your child with the following:

  • Training focused on the occupational areas that are in high demand and most needed to fill the advanced manufacturing skills gap.
  • Jobs where salaries are earned with medical benefits and formal education in classrooms or online is a formal requirement.
  • Classroom instruction that can be taken either for college credit, which can lead to advancement towards an associate or bachelor’s degree attained down the road or to obtain industry-valued credentials which are portable, stackable and offer job security in a particular firm and opportunities for growth within this industry.
  • Training support so that when you child becomes a full-time employee, he/she not only gains on-the-job practical experiences but outside the workday also continues formal studies to acquire skills and knowledge associated with ever more advanced manufacturing occupational titles
  • M-RIMSM facilitation to ensure that your employed child had met all the requirements to become nationally certified.

Benefits to completing this program 

  • Employment in a high-tech job
  • Working with state-of-the-art precision equipment
  • Earning higher than average wages for the lifetime of your career
  • Continuing education towards an associate or bachelor’s degree but doing so while working and earning

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