Millennials/Gen X’ers

The MechaFORCE SM  — Registered Internship Manufacturing Program (M-RIMSM) is a career and educational pathway program, developed by New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), commissioned by industry and supported by numerous public and non-profit organizations to overcome the severe workforce shortage faced by today’s manufacturers. Patterned after the US Department of Labor’s Apprenticeship USA Program, M-RIMSM  does this primarily by readying High School 11th and 12th graders for a manufacturing career and by enabling qualified Millennial,  X Generation, and older generations to rather rapidly enter and advance professional careers in NJ’s small to medium sized manufacturing firms, starting as paid employees on Day 1.

There are many ways to discuss Millennial, X Generation and older generations. Within these general generational categories, M-RIMSM may have special appeal for high school graduates and the college-educated who are under- and unemployed; and even for 2- and 4-year college students with financial stresses.  So too, for unrepresented populations such as woman, veterans, skilled immigrants, and those in prisoner re-entry programs.

The reasons are simple.  M-RIMSM offers:

  • Industry–driven training that combines work-based learning conducted on-the-job, with related technical instruction conducted in the classroom or online, using the highest industry standards
  • Training which is focused on the occupational areas that are in the highest demand and most needed to fill the advanced manufacturing skills gap
  • Fully-paid by NJ manufacturers as Registered Interns (RIs). As such, not only are you paid a salary from day 1 with benefits, but you are guaranteed to receive pay increases as you acquire new manufacturing skills
  • Classroom instruction that can earn college credit which in turn can lead to attainment of an associate and then a bachelor’s degree down the road for those interested; and for those not so inclined, can yield instead stackable, portable and nationally recognized industry-valued credentials
  • Training support to RIs as they learn the skills and knowledge required in ever more complex modern manufacturing occupational titles with a certainty that their efforts comply with ApprenticeshipUSA regulations that will result in national certification

Benefits to completing this program  

  • Employment in a high-tech job in facilities which today are “spotless, safe and sustainable” and which were once only thought of as “dirty, dangerous, and dead-end.”
  • Working with state-of-the-art precision equipment
  • Earning higher than average wages for the lifetime of your career
  • If of interest, continuing your education towards an associate degree and then a bachelor’s degree but doing it while you are working and earning and studying part-time.


Unemployed & Underemployed

Sometimes your life’s plan just doesn’t work out the way you thought it would. M-RIM could be just want you have been looking for. M-RIM is a career and educational pathway program to ready those with high school degrees for professional careers in NJ’s small to medium sized manufacturing firms.
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2 & 4-year College Students

If you’re a collegiate junior or senior interested in a STEM related internship, you may want to take a look at the M-RIM. It’s an innovative and impactful internship variation to improve the possibility for you to find full-time employment while continuing your studies on a part-time basis, therefore helping you to reverse the trend of too much debt upon graduation.
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If you’re a veteran transitioning back to civilian life there’s a good chance you already have developed the very skills and values which modern manufacturers need. M-RIM may be your bridge to a high-paying career in advanced manufacturing.
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If you’re a woman looking for an exciting STEM career, advanced manufacturing might be a good fit for you. Gone are the manufacturing low-paying, dirty, dark, dangerous and dead-end or monotonous jobs of the past. Today’s careers in advanced manufacturing provide opportunities for challenging assignments.
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Skilled Immigrants

M-RIM can help authorized, skilled immigrants and refugees to build professional advanced manufacturing careers in the U.S. M-RIM offers the opportunity to overcome the obstacles you may encounter transitioning to a new career.
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Men and Women Participating in Prisoner Re-entry Programs

If you’re looking to find a job to enter the workforce, there’s a good chance you have already developed the some of the skills and values while already and which modern manufacturers need. These are the skills that could make you a respected employee within the advanced manufacturing community.
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NJIT’s Role as the Federally-designated Sponsor of M-RIM

Managing an advanced and precision manufacturing factory requires a substantial level of time, expertise, and experience to do a good job and avoid disasters. Filling the growing and never ending “skills–gap” can seem equally as challenging especially when coupled with the rest of your businesses demands. M-RIM has established a new service that has been made possible because the US Government has officially designated as an official third-party intermediary or Sponsor…
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