MechaFORCE SMRegistered Internship Manufacturing Program (M-RIMSM )

New Jersey’s advanced and precision manufacturing companies are in dire need for skilled talent. They are also in need for programs to recruit, develop and retain the talent required to operate, maintain and grow their businesses.

M-RIMSM is designed to assist companies with training and building their high skill, high demand talent pipelines and also to assist K-12 and higher education institutions to align their curricula to manufacturers’ needs.

From its home at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), which is a public research university, with the support of numerous state and national partners, and with continued financial support from such manufacturers as Triangle Manufacturing Co. Inc., and Norwalt Design, Inc., M-RIMSM helps manufacturers attract talent from:

  • Graduating High School Students (traditional, Career and Technical Education/CTE and Vocational Education) who begin their studies in this field in 11th and 12th grades
  • Millennials, Generation X  populations and others who might have never considered manufacturing careers

M-RIMSM is modeled after the US Department of Labor’s registered apprenticeship program, now known as ApprenticeshipUSA.  This program is a proven solution for recruiting, training, and retaining world-class talent. It’s an effective strategy to ensure that manufacturers have a workforce who possess the specific skills required to meet the emerging demands of today’s modern and increasingly automated manufacturing workplace.


  • Combines on-the-job learning during working hours with formal classroom or online courses outside the work-day
  • Offers a unique, flexible system allowing companies to focus in on the occupational areas that are in high demand and most needed within their organizations
  • Offers employees an educational and career pathway with on- and off-ramps which leads to one or more of the following outcomes: college credit, industry-valued credentials and even associate and bachelor’s degrees that can be earned studying part-time while being full-time employed.

M-RIMSM is able to maximize its impact serveing as its intermediary sponsor between your company and the ApprenticeshipUSA office.

In this role, M-RIMSM partners with manufacturers to identify and/or recruit potential Registered Interns (RI’s) in the occupational titles most in need, implements the program and agreements between the employers and employees, monitors the employees’ progress through the specific on-the-job learning and educational pathways for that occupational  title, and ensures that all of the requirements have been met and the RI is certified when completed to receive a nationally recognized, portable and stackable manufacturing credential from the US government.

Companies: Join our M-RIM AGENT Program

State and Local Level Affiliates

M-RIMSM also benefits from a strong network of State and local level partners including:

  • NJ Department of Labor and Talent Development
  • NJ Department of Education
  • NJ Council of County Vocational-Technical Schools
  • NJ Technology Educators Association
  • NJ Community Colleges – both their credit and non-credit bearing programs
  • NJIT — both its Bachelor of Science Engineering Technology degree program and its Continuing Professional Education Division
  • NJ Collegiate Career Center Consortium
  • NJ Manufacturing Extension Program
  • NJ Business and Industry Association Manufacturing Coalition
  • NJ Dream It. Do It. Program
  • Statewide and Regional Chambers of Commerce
  • Commerce and Industry Association of NJ
  • County Workforce Development Boards and One Stop Centers
  • NJ County College Workforce and Economic Development Consortium
  • Women in Manufacturing

Partners from which M-RIMSM Adapts Best Apprenticeship Practices:

  • North Carolina Central Piedmont Community College “Apprenticeship Charlotte” Program
  • German American Chamber of Commerce
  • German Consultant General NYC
  • German Center for Research and Innovation
  • Florida Advanced Technological Education Center
  • Connecticut Regional Center for Next Generation Manufacturing
  • Pennsylvania Advanced Manufacturing Training Center
  • Apprenticeship Works, the National Advanced Manufacturing Apprenticeship Partnership (NAMAP) at RCBI

National Affiliates

M-RIMSM also benefits from its affiliation with numerous national associations, outreach partners and referral organizations to promote and attract participants, employees and employers to the M-RIMSM program:

  • Alliance for American Manufacturing
  • American Composites Manufacturers Association
  • APICS – The Association for Operations Management
  • Association of Equipment Manufacturers
  • Association of Women in the Metal Industries
  • Can Manufacturers Institute
  • Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International
  • International Organization for Standardization
  • Manufacturers Alliance/MAPI
  • Manufacturing Institute
  • Manufacturing Talk Radio
  • MESA International
  • Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association
  • National Association of Manufacturers
  • National Council for Advanced Manufacturing
  • National Electrical Manufacturers Association
  • National Marine Manufacturers Association
  • Rubber Manufacturers Association
  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers(SME)
  • The American Society for Quality
  • The Association for Manufacturing Excellence
  • The Association for Manufacturing Technology
  • Valve Manufacturers Association

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